CRT-Ar-Offshore and CRT-CO2-Offshore

The system is certified by Lloyds of London to satisfy the following Standards: EN12079—ASME—ADR—RID—IMDG-5—IMO-7—CSC—ISO—DNV2.7-1—GOST.

Technology Srl has a specific range of cryogenic gas tanks installed in offshore 10ft frame having the dimension of an ISO container. All our Cryogenic ISO tanks are intended for repeated use to, from and between offshore installations and ships, and are fully suitable to offshore lifting and rigging All our 10ft tanks are designed to be shipped locked together in pairs, to meet the requirements for shipping as a 20 ft ISO unit.

Water capacity 7.930 ±3% litres

Useful capacity (95%) 7.535 ±3% litres

Inner vessel design temperature -196°c

Outer vessel design temperature -40 / + 50 °c

Inner vessel design pressure 17 bar

Equivalent gas argon: 6.291.700 litres

Equivalent gas CO2 8.876 Kg